Revenue Performance Management – by Steve Woods, Eloqua

Continuing our article series for the CMO from Digital Marketing One, next is Eloqua’s Steve Woods on Revenue Performance Management (RPM).

“RPM is a systematic approach to identifying the drivers and impediments to revenue, rigorously measuring them, and then pulling the economic levers that will optimize top-line growth. Really what RPM provides is an analysis framework that allows businesses to make the right investment decisions across the entire marketing and sales spectrum.” (from Steve’s article.)

Wow, what’s not to like here.

First, analysis is at the heart of managing revenue performance in Steve’s vision. I like how he stresses dashboarding, benchmarking, and optimization as key elements in his article.

But in addition, the RPM acronym also reminds you of a car engine’s revolutions per minute. What better symbol for a high octane demand (lead) generation marketing engine!

Steve is Eloqua’s chief technology officer and cofounded the company in 1999. He is responsible for defining the technology vision at the core of Eloqua’s solutions. Earlier, he worked in corporate strategy at Bain & Company and engineering at Celestic

For more info on RPM see the cool resources published by Eloqua on their site.

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