Multichannel Marketing:

Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success

Foreword by
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, PhD


Published in April 2008, this book’s aim is to provide a missing key for unlocking the most anticipated marketing strategies of our days. Namely: Integrated Marketing Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success.

Why? Because customer-centricity has become more challenging than ever!

The rise of “customer-centric marketing” (where the customer, not the product or marketing campaign, is the focus) places a premium on marketers having a deep understanding of their customers. Yet, just as companies were beginning to figure out how to turn “customer-centricity” into reality, the goal posts for achieving it have been moved further away.

For crying out loud! As if it had been easy earlier! What is to blame for the new hurdle?

It is the multichannel revolution, i.e. the constant birth of new avenues for interacting with companies and their marketing messages, especially online. While many marketers are still stunned with the plethora of new channels that have sprung up in recent years, customers have long since integrated them into their relationships. Therefore, customer-centricity now asks of marketers the ability to understand customer relationships that span online and offline channels.

Multichannel metrics are the missing key for overcoming the Online-Offline chasm

Without overcoming the chasm between multiple channels, marketers cannot understand true ROI of their marketing initiatives, will miss opportunities for improving their results, and will certainly fail to achieve customer-centricity. This book aims to provide the key for overcoming the chasm, namely practical methods for integrating marketing metrics and actions across online and offline channels.


  • Wiley / Sybex
  • Published in 2008

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