Customer Experience Analytics:

How Customers can Better Guide Your Web and App Design Decisions

Foreword by Thomas H. Davenport

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Why this book? Why is Experience Analytics a mission critical skill today?

We’re all on our computers and phones for 10 hours per day. Our eyes are sore from staring at those screens. So, when we go to a website or app, and the experience is bad or bland, we’ll bail in a heartbeat.

Businesses know this. They know they must provide better digital experiences. But the problem is, that makes it mission-critical for everyone on their team to be “in the digital store” and see their customers.

Yet, despite decades of traditional digital analytics, tables and pie charts, it’s too hard to see the actual customer behind those numbers.

Delivers practical tools to help you understand your customers better. June Dershewitz, Digital Analytics Association Board Chair

Experience Analytics are here to close that gap. However, most decision-makers don’t know how to use them without the help of trained analysts. That doesn’t scale anymore.

So, the purpose of this book is to close a mission-critical skill gap and enable everyone in the digital business to make everyday decisions based on Experience Analytics for websites and apps.

The book on how to understand website and mobile app users and their journeys

Get practical tips for using today’s most popular digital experience (UX) analytics  tools to discover user intent, opportunities, and issues by visualizing customer journeys top-down. Learn how you can uncover journey anomalies and troubleshoot them.

The book on how to use behavioral heatmaps

Practical examples to help. you understand why your customers convert or bounce with metrics on their in-page behaviors. Learn the key metrics that everyone in the digital team can understand and act on. Get more value from using the most popular heatmap’ing tools today.

The book on how to use session replays 

Learn how you can get “to the bottom” of questions by viewing anecdotal examples in session replay tools. But also understand how to make session replays effective by combining them with other user experience analytics insights and business impact quantification.  

The book on how to use frustration scoring and error analysis 

A guide on how to get the most value from Digital Experience Monitoring tools. Enable everyone in the team to align around the issues that block customers from completing their goals. See how frustration scoring, error analysis, and speed analysis will help you.  Learn how your team can prioritize what to fix by quantifying the impact of behaviors and issues on revenue.   
Business impact quantification of behaviors and experience problems

The book that everyone in the digital team can use to increase revenue 

Practical tips, cheat sheets,  and role-based examples for tackling everyday challenges towards increasing digital conversion and revenue. For use by Marketers, Ecommerce/Ebusiness, Merchandising, Technical (Operations) Teams, Customer Feedback Management (Voice of Customer), Customer Services, Product, and Analytics.


    • Foreword by Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor, Babson College. Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. Author of Competing on Analytics and The AI Advantage
    • Practical case studies and cheat sheets for use by everyone in the digital team across roles such as Ecommerce, Marketing, Product, Analytics, Operations.
    • 50 case studies with visual examples
    • 25 Cheat sheets for solving digital business challenges


    • Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
    • Starts shipping on February 15 2023


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Multichannel Marketing:

Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success

Foreword by
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, PhD


Published in April 2008, this book’s aim is to provide a missing key for unlocking the most anticipated marketing strategies of our days. Namely: Integrated Marketing Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success.

Why? Because customer-centricity has become more challenging than ever!

The rise of “customer-centric marketing” (where the customer, not the product or marketing campaign, is the focus) places a premium on marketers having a deep understanding of their customers. Yet, just as companies were beginning to figure out how to turn “customer-centricity” into reality, the goal posts for achieving it have been moved further away.

For crying out loud! As if it had been easy earlier! What is to blame for the new hurdle?

It is the multichannel revolution, i.e. the constant birth of new avenues for interacting with companies and their marketing messages, especially online. While many marketers are still stunned with the plethora of new channels that have sprung up in recent years, customers have long since integrated them into their relationships. Therefore, customer-centricity now asks of marketers the ability to understand customer relationships that span online and offline channels.

Multichannel metrics are the missing key for overcoming the Online-Offline chasm

Without overcoming the chasm between multiple channels, marketers cannot understand true ROI of their marketing initiatives, will miss opportunities for improving their results, and will certainly fail to achieve customer-centricity. This book aims to provide the key for overcoming the chasm, namely practical methods for integrating marketing metrics and actions across online and offline channels.


  • Wiley / Sybex
  • Published in 2008

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