Lead generation: Digital strategies – by Robert Lesser

Robert Lesser’s article in the DigitalMarketingOne series is stepping back from lead management and providing a great primer on lead generation in general.

Anyone in the trenches with lead gen will know just how much hard work it is. So it is very wise to approach it systematically.

Otherwise, despite all that effort, Sales and Marketing may find themselves playing the blame game, for example, because they hadn’t agreed to the definition of a valid lead before starting.

Robert was a featured speaker in the recent DigitalMarketingOne virtual summit for B2B digital marketing. Robert’s firm, Direct Impact Marketing, provides on-demand inside sales, telesales enablement tools and direct marketing services. Robert built his experience in a number of marketing positions including Dell, IBM, and others.

For more information, visit the Acquiring Minds Blog, or contact Robert Lesser on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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