A nugget from our webinar with Bill Leake from Apogee-Search

Here is a quick take-away from our webinar with Apogee’s CEO Bill Leake today: Don’t be shortsighted in applying analytics for boosting success from online lead generation, specifically paid search:

  • Don’t just measure conversion rate. It is a tricky metric that can often lead in the wrong direction. Instead be sure to measure further down the funnel, as Bill  emphasized
  • Measuring further down the funnel means getting closer to ROI metrics, e.g. a cost per sale or cost per lead.
  • Ideally you measure even further down the funnel to get to an ROAS or ROI metric.
  • If you are selling offline rather than online then you can do this by adding the data on individual’s keyword referred visits into the CRM system

Continuing on the theme that Bill started, I also recommended using web analytics in more than just shortsighted ways:

  • Don’t just stop at reporting results
  • Don’t even stop at improving results by making informed changes to fix funnel leaks indicated by your web analytics
  • But open up the gold mine of making web analytics personal, i.e. behavioral targeting or what we refer to as Interactive Marketing at Unica.
  • For example, if Mary searched for blue shoes coming to your web site then:
    • Of course the web site should take that into account in targeting content to Mary.
    • But your email marketing can leverage the same info to personalize its outreach
    • And there is no need to forget about Mary’s interest in blue shoes when you send her an offline brochure or she calls your call center. Rather, today’s marketing automation solutions enable you to extend the dialog beyond  online to the  offline channels.

If you missed the event, here is a replay link for the webinar with Apogee and Unica.

Thanks for all the attendees that dialed in. Bill and I will post the question to which we couldn’t get shortly.


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