Need to Print Money? Learn how, on Feb 18 with Apogee and Unica

The value prop of being better at SEM is that you can achieve the same outcomes with less spending.

  • Reduce spend on PPC keywords
    • that attract visitors who would have clicked on your organic search result anyway
    • Reduce spend on PPC keywords that don’t carry their weight
  • Lift the results for all PPC and organic keywords
    • by fixing the leaks on the web site
    • through intelligent targeting, lead-nurturing, and re-marketing that takes into account the keywords through which prospects spelled out their interests

Come, join Bill Leake, a former McKinsey & Co consultant and CEO of Apogee Search, and myself on a webinar, Feb 18, where we will fill these bullets with life. Ping us with your own questions and keep us real.

Register here.

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