Topic 1: Integrate Online and Offline to Fuel Interactive Marketing

A treasure chest of opportunity has been left buried waiting to be opened up now. Namely, online and direct marketing teams have traditionally worked separately from each other. Yet, in the hands of customer-centric marketers, the online channel can deliver a powerful source of individualized insights that enables companies to deeply personalize their communications and interactions. Not just online, but also across all offline channels.


Learning Points:

  1. Two ways of using web analytics: aggregate and individual level
  2. Business ideas and results from companies that have connected click and customer analytics
  3. How to apply cross-channel insights at each stage of the customer lifecycle


Topic 2: Digital Experience Analytics – let customers show you how to create a better business.

We’re all on our computers and phones for 10 hours per day. Our eyes are sore from staring at those screens. So, when we go to a website or app, and the experience is bad, we’ll bail in a heartbeat.

Businesses know this. They know they must provide a better experience. But the problem is, that makes it mission-critical for everyone on their team to be “in the digital store” and see their customers.
Yet, despite decades of traditional analytics, tables and pie charts, it’s too hard to see the actual customer behind those numbers.

Experience Analytics are here to close that gap. However, most decision-makers don’t know how to use them without the help of trained analysts. That doesn’t scale anymore.

In this motivational talk, we call everyone in the digital team to action. We rally them to align around their customer based on 10 practical case studies. Designed to drive a culture of data-driven decisions for all.
.Learning Points:

  1. Business is digital now
  2. Blindspots that you cannot afford
  3. How Experience Analytics let your customers show you how to create a better business
  4. Top greatest examples across the customer lifecycle


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