Adobe Summit 2022 – My favorite quotes

Adobe Summit 2022 – My favorite quotes

Make the Digital Economy Personal

The theme of Adobe Summit this year was, Making the digital economy personal. Mass personalization of digital experiences has been a dream for decades now. But the reality is much slower to come along. Are brands ready to embrace personalization now?

Here are my favored quotes from Adobe Summit speakers. They show that we are getting there. The right strategy is already here.

“There is no luxury without personalization”

Who said it? Lorenzo Bertelli, Group Marketing Director and Head of CSR at PRADA.

Why? Wow. It’s amazing to me how far the luxury sector has come with digital transformation. The best way to explain, I believe, is via one of my all-time favored quotes in Luxury. Namely, a quote from Ian Rogers who was the CDO at LVMH group at the time.

“Our job is not to bring luxury online;
our job is to make online shopping luxurious.”

NY Times, In Luxury, What’s Next? 2018

Both quotes are likeminded, i.e. brand experience is key for luxury. Not just the product experience alone. So, how can the digital experience live up to the brand promise?

But Lorenzo’s statement is even more bold and specific. Namely, immersive images are not enough to make online shopping luxurious. Far from it, a good experience requires more. After all, when you think of the best experiences you’ve seen, they were probably personalized ones. They go beyond the one-size-fits-all. So, Lorenzo is basically saying that it ain’t luxury if it ain’t personalized.

“There are no more buckets. It’s about that individual person.”

Who said it? Roz Brewer, CEO of Walgreen Boots Alliance

Why? To me, it’s parallel to the vision that the best medicine of the future will be personalized medicine. And likewise, good healthcare ought to be personalized. That must include also personalized digital and physical store experiences

Case in point, here is how an article on Health Evolution describes Walgreens care:

Walgreens Health is a tech-enabled care model powered by a health care platform that is omnichannel and personalized for the consumers we serve. This platform will create an integrated experience for consumers across their journey and knit together the products and services from Walgreens Health and our partners.

Health Evolution, Feb 2022

A vision after my own heart!

In that vein, here is another inspiring quote from Roz at Adobe Summit:

“Whoever wins in the middle of the physical and the digital, is the winner.”

In other words, what we call omnichannel these days.

“We’ve got 600 million fans that support the club (Real Madrid). We need to think about the relationship we have with those fans. It’s very hard to have a relationship with 600 million individuals.”

Who said it? Michael Sutherland, Chief Transformation Officer at Real Madrid

Why? Their audience is larger than almost any country in the world. Even slight improvements for engaging fans will make a massive difference.

Their vision is grand. It’s not just about catering to fans’ preferred channels, e.g. by knowing whether a fan prefers the digital channel or physical. But it includes for example smart stadium tickets that could open the path to omnichannel personalized experiences.

The Bottomline?

Brands are starting to think about personalization at a new scale.

  • Personalization is going from something that technology vendors evangelize to something that is at the heart of strategy for brands.
  • And it’s going beyond cross-channel campaign management. It doesn’t stop at targeting the next-best marketing message. It’s a vision of real-time customer engagement at scale.

The future is already visible. And it promises to make shopping in physical stores seem fun but old-fashioned.

Experience Analytics is Key to Personalization

Creating leading experiences without experience analytics? No way. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Experience Analytics is a key enabler in the strategy for personalization

  • Before personalizing, what experiences should be personalized for which customer segments?
  • During personalization rollout, is it working as intended? How does personalization change the way that customers engage with the entire experience, not just the personalized content blocks?
  • After personalization, why did some experiences win and others didn’t? What were the biggest success factors and issues? How can we create even better personalization?

Ultimately, t’s about faster time to market for great personalized experiences.

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