Analytics for Tweets and Twitter API with Unica

Earlier this week, Unica announced the addition of innovative social media marketing capabilities for users of our online marketing solutions. Among these capabilities are Social Media Analytics for Unica’s web analytics solution, NetInsight. And one component of these capabilities is the integration of Twitter analytics into website stats.

More specifically, Unica’s Solutions Pack released today enables customers of Unica NetInsight, NetInsight OnDemand, and Interactive Marketing OnDemand to:

  1. Automatically download Tweets on selected subjects from the Twitter API
  2. Collect and store the data indefinitely for historical analysis (whereas Twitter discards older tweets eventually)
  3. Submit the data to NetInsight for extending web analytics reports with reporting elements for Twitter topics, Twitterer IDs, and complete texts of tweets

Tweets are included within a regular website profile in Unica NetInsight which makes it possible to view website visitation statistics within the same charts as the trend of Tweets obtained from the Twitter API.

Unica NetInsight report on trend of Tweets vs. site visits and conversions
Unica NetInsight report on trend of Tweets vs. site visits and conversions

Tweet trends for the keywords that you specified can also be broken out separately as seen in the above screenshot. For example, Unica is monitoring tweets on hash tags such as #measure, #SEM, #CRM, #emailmarketing, #interactive, etc.

As seen in the next screenshots, tweets can of course also be monitored intra-day. Alerts can be set up that send an email to responsible social media managers when the volume of tweets on a certain topics exceeds thresholds.

Unica NetInsight report on Tweets by hour by Tweet topic
Unica NetInsight report on Tweets by hour by Tweet topic

As mentioned earlier, Tweets can also be tied to individual Twitterers and reported that way to identify top influencers for your brand or targeted topical keywords.

Unica NetInsight report on top Twitterers by Twitter hash tag
Unica NetInsight report on top Twitterers by Twitter hash tag

You can also drill to individual Tweets and read their content to understand context. Unica NetInsight’s limitless flexibiliy is showcased nicely by the fact that a simple click on any individual Twitter’s comment will hyperlink the analyst directly to that individual’s Twitter page to see all their updates or to respond to them directly.

Unica NetInsight drill down to individual Tweets
Unica NetInsight drill down to individual Tweets

With the full text available, it is possible to set up metrics in NetInsight such as “Re-tweets”. Now, you can measure for example how viral your own tweets are, i.e. how often you get re-tweeted.

How does it work? You simply set up a metric that starts with “RT” and contains the text pattern from your original update.

The latter also works for Twitter’s newly announced Promoted Tweets. This way you can identify engagement with your promoted Tweets even if they did not click-through to your site.

Going from Twitter Analytics to Action

As always with Unica, the story doesn’t stop with reporting but extends into action. For Twitterers where CRM records contains both the Twitter ID and customer registration, or website cookie information, Unica Interactive Marketing can turn analysis into action.

For example, provided that permission to market exists

  • Social media influencers and opinion leaders can be identified and targeted with campaigns designed to motivate and encourage them to promote the company’s brand.
  • A company’s most loyal clients whose engagement with the brand is waning can be prioritized for retention campaigns.
  • Users that click through on a tweet relating to a particular topic can be profiled accordingly so that future communications are made relevant to their topics of interest.

The latter bullet point also applies to click-throughs from Promoted Tweets. In your promoted tweets, just as with any other tweets, simply make sure that hyperlinks back to your site include tracking codes. That way your web analytics can attribute the source of the click-through for the session.

For more information

For more information about the Solutions Pack for Social Media Analytcis, Unica customers can contact their account managers.

As a final note, Unica absolutely also recommends that customers use social media monitoring solutions such as Radian6, Scoutlabs, and Viral Heat for more complete monitoring. Some of these solutions also provide APIs. It is the plan to provide similar integrations for these APIs.

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