iPad, the Kindle killer

You can be pretty sure that iPad isn’t anywhere close to being a laptop killer except in the leisure usage department, e.g. watching movies on a plane.  After all, who wants to type anything on an on-screen keyboard more than they need to.

However, I imagine that Amazon’s Kindle will be in big trouble now.

The monochrome Kindle UI unfortunately will seem pretty boring compared to the multi-touch, colorful, and multi-purpose, iPad.

Though I haven’t owned either device and maybe there is something to be said for the Kindle being easier on the eyes.

We’ll see.

Though from measurement and multichannel metrics perspective I can share that:

  • I have no idea what kind of measurement the Kindle allows that isn’t completely proprietary to Amazon
  • The iPad on the other hand can be measured just like any other mobile device.

For example, in Unica NetInsight it is possible to see web analytics reports that detail how iPad users browse the Internet.

The iPad also runs all applications that were created for the iPhone. And so the same method used for instrumenting iPhone applications with analytics tags for NetInsight also works just as well for iPad applications.

Ship date in the US is April 3d.

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