Feb 18th, Webcast on Search Marketing in 2010

Search marketing optimization might appear like a single dimensional affair to an outsider, i.e.

  • optimize ranks for SEO
  • optimize bids for PPC

What could be so hard about that?

But insiders know that search is quite a multi-dimensional problem. It requires them to weigh

  • keywords
  • ads
  • budgets
  • bids
  • currencies
  • targeting across multiple dimensions
  • landing pages
  • offers
  • their audience
  • their competitors
  • and much more, for example catching the rebound when the visitor doesn’t become a customer initially

So, while a techy like me can describe the complete space of options to tweek and analyze (see my SEO and PPC wizards), an experienced SEM practitioners can hopefully use their judgement and more quickly identify the most important subset of aspects to pay attention to.

The difference might be a little similar to a computer chess algorithm (that searches through the space of possible moves) vs. a Kasparov.

That is why I greatly look forward to this Thursday’s (Feb 18th) webcast at the Web Analytics Association (access the recording of the event here) where Unica’s customer Kristin Philbin at Marcel Media will share her tips and tricks for search marketing in 2010. Kristin has rich experience working with Marcel Media’s enterprise clients. But even an experienced search marketer needs to keep pace with the unstoppable innovation at the search engines.

Unica’s Penny Coupland and I will join Kristin to discuss the top 5 changes with search marketing and the related analytics in 2010.

Access the recording of the event here.

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