Congrats to the Omniture folks! A Q&A with myself

Q: Hey Akin, what do you think?

A: Very exciting news for all of us. This proves that web analytics are worth billions of dollars. Everyone that knows something about analytics should get a big raise this week.

Q: My wife says reading about web analytics topics can cure insomnia. Why is such a geeky, nerdy number juggling sport worth billions?

A: Because the WWW is becoming the most central channel not just for advertising (as seems to be Adobe’s focus) but for interactions and transactions. Without web analytics at the heart, it would be like flying a Boeing 777 without instruments and only a kite string for control.

Q: So, are you jealous?

A: What me? Jealous of 30 somethings selling their company for billions of dollars? … On top of that, Josh James also has more hair than I do! That is just not fair.

Q: And how does this make sense for Adobe?

A: The funniest quote that was sent around on that is this one: “hey, why didn’t they buy Wendy’s” . Joking aside, there are a lot of puzzling questions open and still to be determined.

Q: And how about Omniture customers?

A: Phil Kemelor’s post today is worth a read on that one, especially when it comes to Genesis.

Q: How about other web analytics competitors of Unica’s?

A: Well, this big “For Sale” sign at Webtrends reminds me of a time when Visual Sciences’s new/old CEO had made a similar unmistakable public statement that the combined VS/WSSI were for sale. It didn’t take long from there until Omniture had announced its acquisition of the combo. So … shall we conclude and bet that Webtrends may change owners before Dec. 31st?

Q: Last words?

A: Personally, I look forward to competing with Adobe. But I will miss using PDF and Flash now that I have to uninstall those from my computer.

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