Figures: Chapter 7 – Segmentation example

How to segment on the click of a button

In-page analytics doesn’t just show pretty heatmaps of in-page behaviors but also needs to answer questions about specific in-page behaviors. For that purpose, Experience Analytics tools enable users to create segments based on these in-page behaviors.

A Zone-based approach to in-page analytics makes this particularly easy to do. Every HTML element is captured and assigned a zone, e.g., the “Place Order” call-to-action is ultimately a content zone. Segmentation capabilities include interaction events on zones. So, it’s easy to define a segment based on users that did or didn’t click or hover on the zone. 


Figure: Example of defining a segment for clicking on a button. This example is based on a zone-based approach to in-page behavior analysis in the Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics platform.

In some tools that don’t provide a zone-based approach, this kind of segmentation typically can be defined as an “on-click” event. However, that may usually require customizing the data collection tag or events for the page to send an additional event flag to the Experience Analytics when users click on the element of interest.