Figures: Chapter 7 – Beerwulf Case Study Example

Before and after making optimizing search filters

Following this “smoke” to find the “fire,” Beerwulf continued their in-page analysis with Zone-based heatmaps to study the interaction with search filters on the listing page. What jumped out from the data was that users were clicking multiple times per page on the filter options. Customers were spending more effort than expected in using the filters. And, again, this was especially pronounced for Detractors.


Figure:  Listing Page filters view on the Beerwulf site before optimization

Work has been underway as of the writing of the Customer Experience Analytics book to test out improvements made to the filters.  Check out and see for yourself how search filters have been expanded and improved since this case study. Here is a screenshot as of August 2022.


Figure: PLP search filters example, as of August 2022