Figures: Chapter 2 – Web Analytics Examples

Examples of typical everyday web analytics reports

Marketing Attribution 

Should all credit be given to the ad that attracted a user to the site for the first time? Or, to the last touchpoint triggering the session where a user finally completed the deal and converted?  Or, should credit be shared among the ads and marketing initiatives that brought the user back multiple times until they finally converted?

This is called marketing attribution, and it is an excellent example of something that experience metrics typically don’t provide at all.

Google Analytics™, Attribution, Model comparison report. Source: Google Analytics, Universal, Demo Account.

Traffic reports 


Traffic reports and dashboards are what most people know Digital Analytics for. They sum up overall “foot traffic” to the site and to specific site sections and pages. It’s often expressed as metrics such as unique users, sessions, and pageviews. 

Google Analytics™, Pages and screens report. Source: Google Analytics, Universal, Demo Account.

Conversion and progression tracking

Ultimately, you don’t care about traffic; you care about business results. So, Digital analysts wouldn’t be earning their keep if they stopped at traffic reporting. Instead, their real mission is to increase conversion and revenue. They are assisted in this challenge by conversion rate metrics and iconic visuals such as the funnel report. This is where the money is in Digital Analytics!


For any conversion journey on the site or app, e.g., a retail checkout or a mortgage application process, funnel reports measure progression and drop-off at each step of the journey.


Google Analytics™ Funnel Visualization. Source: Google Analytics, Demo Account1 

Event-level reporting 

Through their JavaScript tags for data collection, behavior information can be extended beyond the pageview level and down to the event level. An event can be anything worth tagging,  e.g., the click on a marketing banner or selecting a drop-down box. For example, for an auto manufacturer’s site, digital analysts might ask to add a tag to the selection options for engines that customers add to their car configuration.

Google Analytics™ 4, Events Report. Source: Google Analytics, Demo Account

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