Figures: Chapter 1 – Conversion Rates Benchmark

Typical Online vs. Offline Conversion Rates

Digital teams and analysts have already worked hard for decades to improve conversion rates and revenue. As a result, most websites and apps work pretty well today, most of the time, and for most of their users. So what’s the problem?

A comparison of average conversion rates between digital stores and regular brick-and-mortar stores shows how much room for growth there still is.

  • For example, in typical digital retail stores, conversion rates hover in the 2 – 5% range as seen in Figure 1.3. They are even lower on mobile phones.
  • Compare that to regular brick-and-mortar stores in Figure 1.4, where typical conversion rates are much higher ranging from 20 – 80%.

Average digital retail conversion rates by sub-industry and device based on a Digital Experience benchmark study by Contentsquare in 2021

Big gap between conversion rates in digital vs. brick-and-mortar stores. After all, when was the last time that you went into a big box store or a supermarket and came back out without purchasing anything?