What’s holding your company back from creating great digital experiences?

What’s holding your company back from creating great digital experiences?
Free Self-assessment tool

Free, 3-minute self-assessment tool

So, you want to create great digital experiences for your customers, … but what’s holding you back? Find out in 3 minutes with this free self-assessment tool 

Step one: Come to Jesus.

We all think we can design good experiences. But we all suck at creating experiences that are intuitive and easy.  


Don’t believe me?

Even the biggest Pros say 80% of what they try doesn’t work out the way they thought.  Customers almost always behave differently.

You just cannot guess how they will see the experience that seems so clear to you.

Step two: The solution is Customer Experience Analytics

So, then the ultimate skill for creating better experiences is to use data to see what’s working, what’s not, and why.  

There is no way around it. You have to have experience data to be able to create and manage good experiences. Unless you’ve got some kind of AI genie in your pocket? 

Where are your company’s biggest blindspots and skills gaps for using data to create great digital experiences? Take this free 3-minute self-assessment and find out for yourself. No registration is required.  

Got Feedback for the tool or questions?

There are a million ways to extend this assessment tool or make it better. But which would be most beneficial? I would be so grateful if you share your thoughts. Please comment on this blog post.

Do you have questions about your specific assessment results? Save them to PDF or print them, and contact me at akin – at – multichannelmetrics.com. Book a free 30-minute Zoom consultation (while capacity lasts).

Credit where credit is due

I want to give credit to the great Stephane Hamel for his Digital Analytics Maturity Model (DAMM) and the related self-assessment tool(s) that were created back in 2011. Stephane’s model also used a radar chart to output results.

I could not google any active version of the DAMM tool successfully. If you know where it lives, please comment here. It used to live at digitalanalyticsmaturity.org/ I believe, but that site is no longer active. You can still watch Stephane’s talk at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Digital

For this new customer experience analytics self-assessment tool for 2023++, there are some commonalities with DAMM. For example, both use a radar chart and I believe our thinking about Process is similar. Meanwhile, the following criteria for People and Technology have now become mainstream for experience optimization. So, they were critical to include in this self-assessment tool:

  • Not just at Web/App Analytics, but also Digital Experience Analytics (e.g. journeys, heatmaps, session replay), Digital Experience Monitoring (e.g. speed, errors, etc.), Product Analytics, etc.
  • Not just quantitative analytics but also qualitative, e.g. feedback, usability testing, etc.
  • Use of data across all teams
  • Adoption of use cases across the whole customer lifecycle and all aspects of customer experience
  • Hands-on use not just by Analytics teams but by all business users, i.e. data democratization

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