What happens “After the Click”? At 100+ Brands – with Manuel Cornu

What happens “After the Click”? At 100+ Brands – with Manuel Cornu

In today’s frontlines interview, we hear from Manuel Cornu, a Paris-based colleague of mine for many years.

Manuel, what is one thing about Experience Analytics that surprises brands that you work with?

Without any doubt, the big surprise is how much UX data reveals about customers’ behavior patterns and frustrations. There are so many light bulbs going off in their heads. So much, that they had not thought about before.

Example: Customer Journey Analysis reveals all the unexpected paths that users are taking. Where are the biggest opportunities and issues for improving journeys?

Most of the time, websites and apps are designed merely based on heuristic evaluations and UX best practices. But, Experience Analytics reveals that customers’ actual behavior may or may not match what designers assumed. As a result, their roadmap of continuous improvements that was pushed before they had Experience Analytics may also not meet the needs of customers based on their actual behavior.

What is one thing they wished they had known earlier?

User experience is a strategic priority for brands. Companies are investing in so many techniques and tools to improve their site performance, optimize the ranking of product categories, develop apps, and create a seamless customer experience. However, most of their customer insight is from unstructured data and is spread over many tools.

The one thing that Experience Analytics does is to gather and organize insights that guide all of the initiatives towards a better experience. Everything becomes easier and faster with Experience Analytics insights.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to anyone for everyday decision-making with Experience Analytics?

User experiences should be at the heart of an organization. Companies should organize themselves around Experience insights to work synchronously on every aspect of the user experience. User behavior is constantly evolving, and user data tells us in real-time where the next optimization opportunities are to be found.

Example: Struggle and Error Analysis reveal unexpected points of friction that impact experience and revenue

How did you get into Experience Analytics?

Working as a data analyst in the advertising industry, I have been analyzing and optimizing ad performance across the Web. Billions of dollars are invested into ads in the hopes that they are seen and noticed by customers. But very few know what actually happens once a user clicks an ad.

Experience Analytics reveals if the investment is worth it, what is the user’s behavior and journey after clicking the ad, which products are seen and purchased. Is the site stable, and where are the biggest points of friction during the journey? It’s the “after click”, that’s what I was looking out for. 

Thank you, Manuel! Love the “After click” mantra. And in the same spirit, we also ask, what happens, before the click, i.e. when the customer decides whether to click and where to click when they are on a page in the site or app.

With so many billions spent on ads, it would seem irresponsible not to also take a really good look at what happens after the click. Marketers can qualify their ad traffic, reduce bounces, and improve journeys.

It’s so great to step into your shoes and see what gets users fired up!

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