The Fourth Digital Analytic Revolution is On!

eCommerce and Marketing Pros all take for granted today that for your business to succeed online your digital intelligence eco-system has to include 

1. Digital (web) analytics
2. Voice of the Customer (VoC)
3. A/B testing

But the leaders in the space also know that these three analytics are not enough for conversion rate and customer experience optimization because they leave significant gaps of insight. Gaps that make site optimization slow and challenging.

Enter the fourth digital analytic: Customer Experience 

That is why leading enterprises today employ a fourth analytic, namely customer experience (CX) analytics that show the actual behavior of site visitors within pages including mouse movements, scrolling, attention to content,  interaction with dynamic content, etc.

While today I would estimate that maybe a quarter to a third of enterprises practitioners understand CX analytics as a mission critical component of their digital intelligence eco-system, the rest of practitioners are not there yet.

I predict this gap will close quickly.

Parallels to the rise of web analytics

I still remember the days when the first three digital analytic types mentioned above used to be talked about in terms of “Hey, we really should be using/doing …X, Y, Z .. instead of tapping around in the dark.”

Back then it took a few years from that state to the complete adoption of the analytic types.  It also took a few years to close the gap between having an analytics solution vs staffing the necessary people and establishing the processes to go along for success with the analytics .

But since the business case and competitive pressures are so strong, common sense prevailed.

The Fourth Digital Analytic Revolution is on!

I predict that the fourth digital analytic — CX — will reach that same level of near ubiquitous awareness, adoption, and staffing within the next two to three years.


Granted, yes I work at ClickTale who provide the leading cloud based customer experience management platform for enterprises.

But there is more. Namely …

It’s the customer, stupid!

If you can’t see your customer and their actual experience on your increasingly dynamic website, how can you help them succeed with your offering?

Or why would you want to compete with your eyes tied so that you can’t see your customer?

So I am calling it here. The fourth digital analytic revolution is on!

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