Social Media: Four Metrics for Success – by Jim Sterne

“The key to improving your returns on social media marketing is combining a firm belief in this brave, new method of contact with a committed course of experimentation and discovery, and a resolute dedication to measuring results in order to determine value as you learn.” – from Jim Sterne’s article

Or, as my colleague Jay Henderson at Unica / IBM puts it: “Don’t just dabble in new media but adopt a continuous process of experimentation and measurement”

Jim’s article is next up in the Digital Marketing One CMO series for digital marketing. Read key advice by the author whose seven books include Social Media Metrics. Jim also produces the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and is the founding president of the Web Analytics Association.

Jim’s article completes the Channel Insight’s section in our Digital Marketing One short series. In summary, the following authors contributed Channel specific know how into this series.

Next, we will look into advice on marketing techniques. Email marketing is obviously missing in the list above and will be addressed in the context of demand generation.

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