Mobile Marketing: Creating a Dialogue with Customers – by Kim Dushinski (Mobile Marketing Profits)

Kim Dushinski “Mobile Marketing is not about sending unwanted text messages to people or simply offering discounts via the mobile channel. It is about creating a meaningful exchange on mobile with your customers.” – from Kim Dushinski’s article

That quote from Kim’s article in our Digital Marketing One CMO eBook series sums up the biggest challenge with the mobile channel for marketers.

Yes, there are also lots of technical questions with mobile (e.g. security, analytics, display sizes, capabilities, etc.) that “make digital marketers work harder to make sure it works on these tiny devices.”

But don’t let those technical questions obstruct what marketers most need to think about for doing their mobile channel justice.

Kim’s company Mobile Marketing Profits helps local businesses use mobile marketing to get more customers. She helps people start their own mobile marketing business and become mobile marketing entrepreneurs. She is also the author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook.

Read Kim’s article and chime in with your own questions.

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