Search marketing: 3 use cases and how to optimize, by Eric Enge, Stone Temple Consulting

The second article in our series on digital strategy for the CMO at Digital Marketing One is about Search Marketing: Optimizing Paid and Organic Search. The author is Eric Enge, of Stone Temple Consulting.

It goes without saying that Search Marketing is the primary online channel for acquiring new customers. But check out Eric’s article for a reminder of two other use cases for that mustn’t be neglected.

I also liked Eric’s reminder that both PPC and SEO are competitive disciplines, i.e. you must out-do your competitors in order to succeed. That explains why both require continuous effort.

A word about Eric

Eric is a partner with Stone Temple which has been providing SEO Consulting services for over 5 years to clients ranging from small silicon valley start-ups to Fortune 25 companies. Eric is also co-author of The Art of SEO book.

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