What’s New in Unica NetInsight 8.2

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Earlier this month, Unica’s development team put the finishing touches on version 8.2 of the Unica Enterprise product line. Included as part of this suite release, was also version 8.2 of the web analytics product: NetInsight.

With the new capabilities in NetInsight 8.2, our aim was to bring the kind of maturity to the web analytics industry that analytics users have long been familiar with from more traditional Business Intelligence (BI) applications.

Check out the new capabilities below.

Report Inbox and Slice/Dice Breadcrumbs

Like Samurais, NetInsight users slice & dice their way through granular web data to answer their always changing questions.

The new Report Inbox enables our web analytics Samurais to run many ad hoc reports in parallel and send the resulting reports to their new Report Inbox where they can be retrieved when ready.

Especially nice is that every slice & dice action is captured in the Report Inbox which forms a trail of breadcrumbs. So when our Samurais arrive at a nugget of insight they can more easily trace back how they arrived there.

Unica NetInsight Inbox for web analytics

Catch Multiple Birds with One Stone

NetInsight users are accustomed to the convenience of the drag & drop UI for ad hoc analysis. Yet, they asked for the ability to drag & drop multiple edits onto their reports before kicking off a refresh. The new Multi-Edit Mode enables just that.

Unica NetInisght Multi edit mode

Mix & Match Dashboards with Graphs, Tables and, KPI Metrics

Dashboards in NetInsight could already mix charts with KPI sections. Now, users also have the option of displaying report tables as part of dashboards. See the example below.

NetInsight Dashboard in version 8.2
(click for larger view)

Enhanced Geo Location Reporting

NetInsight geo location reports are using the industry leading geo data from Quova now. Since many users of NetInsight are direct marketers, a popular request had been to add the Demographic Marketing Area (DMA) to the available set of geo location reports. Eh voila, this is now included. Also available are postal code data, and, in countries where applicable, state level data.

NetInsight DMA geo report
(click for larger view)

Overlay UI beta

Nothing like seeing metrics in context with your website! With NetInsight 8.2 we are replacing the original Overlay browser plug-in that used to require users to download and install software.

No longer! Instead, NetInsight comes with a cross browser compatible Overlay bookmarlet. This can simply be dragged from the NetInsight UI into the browser toolbar to begin seeing stats overlaid with your website.

NetInsight 82, Overlay UI
(click for larger view)

In version 8.2, the Overlay is released as a beta for now. We encourage all our customers to try it on your websites and send your feedback to Unica customer services.


APIs are standard for analytics software. Version 8.2 of NetInsight makes our XML API available for the Enterprise edition of the software so that on-premises users can benefit from it as well. We also extended the API with additional flexibility for retrieving reports in multiple formats and data sets beyond the former limits.

The API adds to the multiple avenues that NetInsight OnDemand and Enterprise users have for accessing their granular web data that underlies the reports. The other options include data feeds and direct access to the open database.

Complex Parameters / Custom Values

The web is becoming increasingly rich and interactive. So, custom dimensions in NetInsight (parameters) can now be used with richer sets of data, namely lists of values. For example: SearchResults=Partner1|Partner12|Partner29 or Colors-Shown=blue|green|yellow. Previously, each custom dimension could pass only one value per server call.

Contextual Percentage Metrics

Congratulations, keyword XYZ brought you 2,000 conversions. But, is that significant or not? For context it would be good to know what percentage of total the 2,000 represent.

Well now, you can choose whether your percentage metrics on NetInsight reports will be calculated based on page totals, report totals, or time period totals. So you can put the 2,000 conversions in context vs. the rest of the page, the report, or the time frame. Additional controls allow further options on when you want to display which percentages.


No release would be complete without lots of under the hood enhancements and performance increases. Among these, one little fun fact is that users can now analyze their iPhone, iPad, and iPod visitors as separate devices.

The NetInsight product team says THANK YOU to our users. For further details, our customers can check additional videos and documentation in Unica’s Customer Portal.

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