The Nerd-Geek Venn Diagram Applied to Analytics

Ever since the brilliant Nerd-Geek-Dork Venn diagram below started zipping all over blogs in Sept 2009, I have been waiting for genius to strike me so that I might think of ways to apply this to the analytics topic.

Nerds vs. Greek vs. Dorks

Sadly, genius never struck.

But here are a few Venn diagrams anyway that kind-of, sort-of make sense and contain a few useful reminders.

The Analyst vs. Change Agent Venn Diagram

A good reminder how critical both business acumen and political skills are so that analysts can be the change agents that we so much desire to be.

Change Agent Venn diagram

The Bean Counter Venn Diagram

A web / marketing analyst also needs to balance an eye towards saving money with an entrepreneurial spirit towards identifying new sources of cash. Veer off too much into one or the other direction, you might be either a bean counter or something worse.

Bean counter venn diagram

The Segmentation to Recommendation Venn Diagram

A good reminder how critical segmentation is to analysis because static reports probably never tell a story that leads to action. Good reminder also that the true goal of analysis is to get to recommendations as Eric Peterson was pointing out in his keynote at the eMetrics Marketing Innovation Summit conference in San Jose in May.

Analysis venn diagram

The Business Optimization Venn Diagram

The purpose of the last one is to remind how web analytics by itself just doesn’t lead to web business optimization. It needs to be combined with customer analytics and put into context with the wider marketing history. The latter refers to preceding marketing touch points and each individuals’ responses (e.g. did or didn’t click-through on an email that they received).

Business optimization venn diagram

Another possibility that arises at the center of this Venn diagram is interactive marketing. My colleagues and I at Unica take interactive marketing verbally, i.e. the kind of targeted marketing communications that take into account each customer’s past and current actions. That makes the combination of web analytics, customer analytics, and marketing history indispensable.

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