Thursday June 10th: Radian6 and Unica webcast at WAA

The title of this joint webcast with Radian6 might as well have been: “Bringing order to the wild west of social media through analytics”.  Or “The sherriffs are riding into social media marketing high noon”.

All kidding aside, neither web analytics nor social media monitoring alone can do today’s social web justice. So, we are very lucky to have Lauren from Radian6 as our featured presenter in this Thursday’s WAA, educational webcast series (sponsored by Unica).

Thursday, June 10, 2010 at noon Eastern.
Combine social media monitoring with web analytics to
improve your chance at social media success.

  Lauren Vargas
Community Relations
Manager, Radian6
Lauren Vargas, Radian6  Radian6

Measuring social media success is a coin with two faces:

  1. What participants say about you outside of your website/sphere of influence.
  2. How your social media presence – through your website, Facebook, Twitter, ad campaigns, etc. – influences behavior.

This unique event brings together leaders from social media monitoring and web analytics. Tune in to learn:

  1. A practical framework for social media measurement that helps you avoid analysis paralysis.
  2. The why and how of combining social media monitoring with web analytics.
  3. How to go beyond social media analytics to increasing viral reach and social relationship success.

The webcast has been recorded and Web Analytics Association members can watch it from the WAA’s website.

2 Comments on “Thursday June 10th: Radian6 and Unica webcast at WAA

  1. I like Radian6 a lot. Got a presentation of the German representative and was pretty impressed. But it is quite expensive. You have to be serious about social media to use it.

    We are creating a social media metrics application at that will centralize all your web stats in one place. We only have twitter, facebook and so far. But I would love to get feedback from you guys about it, as soon as it gets live in the next weeks.

    It’s no comparison to radian6. But maybe it’s a cheap start for some … 🙂

  2. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for sharing! It is a crowded space that you are in But to get a single dashboard that combines all your channel stats is a much desired goal for social media marketers.

    Good idea that activity stream of yours. Trying to go beyond the job of reporting numbers and instead delivering information and insights is an often mentioned goal, but rarely is there any substance. You however do seem to be onto something with this!

    Best of luck.

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