Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages and Tabs with Unica

One of the most exciting developments in web marketing over the past twelve months has been that the website is now considered only one of multiple components of a company’s web presence. Among the many other web presences that companies have these days is often a Facebook Fan page such as the one from Unica seen in the image below.

Fan pages can include custom HTML content on custom tabs such as the tabs “MIS2010” for Unica’s upcoming customer conference and “Save Ned” for an innovative social media campaign of ours.

These things take effort to create. So, naturally you want to measure usage and behavior to help you improve usability and ROI.

Facebook page 8 - Unica MIS2010 custom tab

To that effect, Unica announced the addition of innovative social media marketing capabilities for users of our online marketing solutions this week.

And among these additions is the Solutions pack for Social Media Analytics for Unica’s web analytics solution, NetInsight. Part of the solutions pack addresses tagging of Facebook fan pages and custom tabs for tracking with Unica NetInsight.

More specifically, Unica NetInsight, NetInsight OnDemand, and Interactive Marketing OnDemand customers can:

  • Report on usage trends for their Facebook Fan Page’s Wall tab
  • Analyze usage of any custom HTML / FBML tab that they create
  • Understand interaction within custom tabs, e.g. the clicking of FBJS driven interactive buttons or links

Facebook page 10 - Facebook fan page trends

(click to enlarge)

Users can also create engagement funnel reports such as the following example. This shows visitors interacting with the Fan Page Wall vs. those who proceed to interact with various tabs vs. those who interact with dynamic content within tabs. An example of a custom tab with dynamic content is for instance the Save Ned tab on Unica’s Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook page 9 - Unica Save Ned custom tab

Below is an example of such a funnel. (not actual Unica data from Save Ned)

Facebook page 11 - Facebook fan page funnel

(click to enlarge)

For more information about the Solutions Pack for Social Media Analytcis, Unica customers can contact their account managers.

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