Web Analytics Wizards go on Beyond Web Analytics – Podcast

So much has been written about our little world of web analytics, that it is getting increasingly difficult to come up with useful new contributions.

But the Beyond Web Analytics trio, Adam Greco, James Dutton, and Rudi Shumpert, managed to do just that. Their series of podcasts featured past guests such as Gary Angel, Jim Sterne, John Lovett, Josh Manion, Greg Dowling, and others.

So, I was honored to be next as their guest. In the podcast that Rudi published today, we discussed many recipes for web analysis ranging from the web analytics wizards, to the desire for ever smarter web analytics tools, and more.

I must admit, I feel a bit tickled like Elmo to see podcasts on our nerdy subject show up within cool places such as iTunes. 😎

Listen online here.

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