What's a web analytics STRATEGY vs. TACTIC?

“Hey, in 2010 let’s be strategic with our web analytics. Let’s not get lost in the tactical weeds”

OK, so what’s a web analytics strategy vs. tactic then?

  • The web analytics solution that you use is a tactic. The strategy is in the reports that you run.
  • The reports that you run are a tactic. The strategy is to start with your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • The KPIs are a tactic. The strategy is to equip, free up, and incentivize your web analytics team so that they will focus on value generating analytics vs. lolligagging or answering to never ending reporting requests
  • The web analytics team and incentives are a tactic. The strategy is to compete on analytics
  • Competing on analytics is a tactic. The strategy is to treat your customers well
  • Treating your customers well is a tactic. The strategy is to increase their lifetime value to your company
  • Your company is a tactic. The strategy is to have a happy, healthy, peaceful 2010

Some people wield the words “strategy vs. tactic” as if they were swinging a sword and being profound. Yet they mean not much more than “left vs. right”.

No matter where you stand, there is always something to your left and always something to your right.

So, … maybe the strategy is to hug both of them, the strategy and the tactics.

Happy holidays

3 Comments on “What's a web analytics STRATEGY vs. TACTIC?

  1. Loved your post! Funny, yet so true 🙂

    And to stay in the theme of left/right: there’s always something left to do and we better do it right!

    Merry Christmas & happy new year!

  2. Akin-
    You bring out a really good perspective folks should keep in mind while talking about ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’. What is ‘strategy’ for me, might be a ‘tactics’ for my CEO – so it really comes down to how we intend to address it and what we are planning to do with the output.

    And to continue your’s and Stephane’s theme on left/right – the key is to look ahead (future) and do the right thing for the company and your customers than look behind and try to enshrine what is left of your historical success.

  3. Thank you Ned. Your comment is a good reminder that one shouldn’t feel so insulted when a higher ranking colleague tells you to forget the tactics and be more strategic during for example a meeting. Because as you said, what might be strategic to me would rightfully seem tactical from that person’s perspective.

    Hey, on this left/right thing I can’t wait to see how many more clever analogies there are 😎


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