Web Analytics Expert System: Now added Wisdom of Crowds

Two much-needed features have now been added to the web analytics question support system released a week ago:

Web Analytics Question Support System

Click here to start the wizard

1. Wisdom of the crowds / comments

  • Does the wizard neglect to recommend a useful next step in a particular situation? You can now add your own thoughts to each step in the wizard.
  • And over time you will be able to see what others have been recommending.

2. Interactive flow-chart

The flow-chart for a bird’s eye overview is now interactive.

  • From anywhere in the wizard you can jump to the flow-chart to retrace your steps
  • In the flow-chart you can click on any step in the wizard to jump to that step.

Bird's eye view of this wizard

Thanks much to everyone who checked out the wizard. You have been very generous with your comments.

2 Comments on “Web Analytics Expert System: Now added Wisdom of Crowds

  1. Hi Akin,

    Two great additions – I like the commenting feature to be able to add to the thinking around each question/response. The clickable flowchart is also a good idea – it might be interesting to see a “you have been here” type of map where your visited links are highlighted along the chart.

    This would allow alternative flows to be explored if the answer hasn’t appeared yet to the user.


  2. Hi Dylan, ahhh… what an awesome idea. No wonder, you are a Pro!

    Will have to ponder a way to enable that with my hobby programming skills. But this red thread idea you should definitely go into the professional version one day.


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