Tune in to John Lovett on Next-Generation Web Analytics

Must-see webcast coming up by Forrester’s John Lovett on next-generation web analytics, Tuesday Oct 13, at 1 pm US ET.

This content comes at a very interesting time when many are wondering what the future holds for this little industry of ours:

  • Adobe acquired Omniture suggesting one direction into which things might evolve
  • Eric Peterson just authored a very interesting whitepaper with one of Unica’s competitors, SAS, on first, second, and third generation of web analytics. (Not sure if it is online but a preview was distributed at the Xchange conference.)
  • Unica has voiced a clear vision of how web analytics should evolve beyond just the traditional use.
  • And a whitepaper is available to webcast attendees with our view as to next-generation capabilities that everyone should expect from their web analytics solution today.

Without going into the above explicitly, John is going to share his research, experience and views on the past, current, and future of web analytics.


Note: Link to recorded version is coming soon.

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