Replay of May 19th Webcast with Kevin Hillstrom and Jim Novo

If you missed the May 19 WAA Webcast with Kevin Hillstrom and Jim Novo, you can replay it any time on demand.

By the way, do you think it will be 5 or more like 10 years before all TV will be much like the Internet?

That is to say, you will turn on the tube and a big bing or google box will appear in the middle of the screen. You’ll type in “Kevin  & Jim webcast”  and get your multichannel marketing fix while sipping a cup of old fashioned tea.

Unless, of course, you see my PPV (pay-per-view) ad show up towards the right of your TV screen and click on it to read this blog.

Meanwhile,  recommendations will appear at the bottom of the screen that are targeted to your remote control behavior.

Hopefully, something better than “Meet exciting online and offline marketers in <your city>”. 😎

2 Comments on “Replay of May 19th Webcast with Kevin Hillstrom and Jim Novo

  1. On your question about TV being like the Internet, I think the answer has a lot to do with who’s building IP applications for IPv6 technology. I’ve been reading about how v4 addresses are going the way of the wooly mammoth but infrastructure vendors and apps developers aren’t responding to the need to build v6-based apps… except in ASIA PAC where the allocations of v6 are growing like wild! So, the answer to your question might be: THERE, it will happen overnight… HERE? Not so fast…;-(

  2. Thank you Carol. I am really excited about that day when this happens. Although, do you remember when IP phones first came out? They didn’t use to work so well at all!

    Hope that won’t happen here. E,g, when everyone switches on the tube in the evening or for super ball, is everybody’s experience going to suffer due to overload? Hopefully, not.

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