May 19th: Webcast with Kevin Hillstrom and Jim Novo

Ask anyone in the know about blogs around “multichannel marketing”, and you will be immediately referred to:

  1. Kevin Hillstrom
  2. Jim Novo

So, mark your calendar now! The first ever webcast featuring both Kevin Hillstrom and Jim Novo and, ahm…, me, is coming on May 19th, at noon US ET.

Join, The Three Multichannel Tenors, as I have been calling the panel, for three opinions on what online marketers can teach offline marketers (and vice versa).

You have to forgive me for being extra excited about this one!

The three panelists are the authors of the three multichannel marketing books that I am aware of:

Each offers a different method for making sense of the daily chaos that online, direct, and brand marketers  live in due to the ever growing number of channels.

Just the online world by itself is already a mess given web site, mobile, email, RSS, advertising, search, and social media channels.

Similarly, the offline marketing world includes mail, call center, sales, advertising, etc.

There must be many methods to share between the camps that can help you regardless of whether your personal focus is online or offline or both.


Since the time of writing this webcast took place and must have been one of the best of its kind. See for yourself in the replay!

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