WAA Board of Ds. — My Top Picks

Time to elect the next set of leaders that will take our Web Analytics Association into the future. How awesome is it to have 22 candidates who are willing to volunteer at least 15 – 20 hours of their time every month for this important task!

I wish I had 10 votes to cast on the ballot because there are so many who deserve to win.

The toughest choice is among the consultants. There are at least 4 who I would love to see on the BOD.


I ran myself last time and know how exciting it is to be on the other end of the ballot. Why am I not trying again this time? Well, the major reason is that I just couldn’t make the 15-20 hours available at the moment. So it is only fair not to run.

Frankly, I see some names / roles on the ballot where I am fascinated that they can make 15-20 hours spare time available. More power to them. I hope it works out well.

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