Feb 5th – WAA Webinar: Get the $$$ for Testing

If you had the chance to put together an educational webinar on the topic of testing website content and ads – who would be your dream picks as panelists?

Well, I was super lucky to be in just that position to propose a panel for the topic.

And I think we are all super lucky that testing gurus Bryan Eisenberg from Futurenow Inc. and Josh Manion from Stratigent agreed to be the panelists in the upcoming Web Analytics Association webcast:

Testing, Testing, Testing
Anybody Can test.
So Why Don’t You?

Who are these guys?

You will know Josh Manion from his work at Stratigent, his frequent presentations at emetrics, and educational seminars. Stratigent have tremendous experience with testing on behalf of their clients. They employ various methods for testing including for example the multivariate testing solution Optimost from Interwoven. (acquired by Autonomy a few days ago).
Besides his work at FutureNow Inc., you will know Bryan from his many presentations and books. Most recently: Always be Testing.

What’s there to talk about here?

There are so many ways that web marketers can go after testing today: You can do it yourself, You can use free test automation solutions and of course high-end multivariate testing solutions.

There are ups and downs to each approach. Which approach is right for you and how do you get off the couch and into the trenches now?

And how do you get the time and $$$ that you need?

Even if you don’t use a commercial multivariate testing solution you still need to set aside time for experimentation. That time is money too.

To round out the panel, I will get to give a few minutes introduction and share the perspective on testing from the point of view of direct marketers. They have been working on it much longer than their web analyst colleagues, frankly.

As is the key theme in my Multichannel Marketing Metrics book, marketers from all disciplines have much to share with each other.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Join Josh, Bryan, and me next Thursday, Feb 5th at 12 pm US EST by registering today.


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