To web 2.0 or not to web 2.0 – part II

A few weeks ago I posted the first part of some (unsolicited) advice to the online grocery as to whether they would be well advised to invest into social media for their site.

If you read that post, you may recall that Freshdirect offers an awesome site and customer experience but that they have so far stayed away from investing into social media. That is to say there is at the moment no user generated content (UGC), i.e. no uploaded recipes, cooking videos etc.

But the big question that I couldn’t answer in part I was whether investing in such UGC would raise their revenues.


After all, any shopper can only eat so much in any given day, so how much more could they buy from Freshdirect just because somebody posted a recipe?

Well, part II of the post has been out as an article on now and you can read it there if you are curious. The answer gets to the crux of the matter of what Freshdirect would have to do with the UGC in order to make it profitable.

IMHO, that is.

My spouse who is a hobby chef didn’t have to think about it for more than a second to come up with the solution. Hey, if Freshdirect wanted to hire a consultant they should hire her not me.

Let me wrap up by saying that I heard from my contacts at Freshdirect. They have already come up with new ways of improving their site. Namely, it will now remind you of things you might have forgotten to put in your basket. And that is or could of course be based on other people’s baskets, i.e. UGC if you will.

Very clever!

You won’t feel so stupid when your spouse sends you to the store to get butter and you come home with beer, chips & salsa while forgetting the butter.

Just kidding on that last one.

The forgetful spouse alerter has been invented a long time ago. It is called the shopping list!

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