View-Through in a Grocery Store ???

I love it when metrics worlds overlap! All the time, different marketing disciplines are coming up with comparable metrics but calling them different names, unaware of each other.

Did you catch MediaPost’s article that TNS Media has released a new offering for in-store metrics? Below is an excerpt where MediaPost captures the value prop:

“Dashboard combines information about where shoppers are in a grocery store at any given time, tracking the number of seconds they spend at any display, the amount of time they spend with other products, and then overlaying it with sales information. “A display’s stopping power is a good thing when it generates a lot of purchasing, but if people are spending many seconds there and not buying, something isn’t speaking to customers properly,” he says.”

Online marketers will dig this. What TNS is offering here is to calculate a view-through metric for in-store displays.

Now, TNS will answer the question: Based on how much viewing/attention/engagement the in-store display is achieving, what is the releative sales success for the products that it is advertising? If people are buying without paying much attention to a particular store isle, the display shouldn’t get as much credit, probably. If people however pick the product out of a special display area after studying it longer on average, the display probably should get more credit. Such displays should be used in other stores of the same chain.

I could not spot whether TNS will measure the interaction with the displays by putting people into the grocery store isle, evaluating cameras, or using a panel of volunteers and something like the portable people meter. Let me know if you have more info about this.

Go multi marketing discipline aware analysts!


5 Comments on “View-Through in a Grocery Store ???

  1. Hey Tomi!

    I sure didn’t attend that one. Hey, I am curious, the link to the web site that you provided for yourself takes folks to a registration page. Can’t check out your site unless you sign up first. Do you monitor or A/B test whether having registrations placed so prominently works to your advantage?


  2. Hi Akin,

    haven’t heard from anybody who might have attended that seminar.

    Yes, partly you hit the spot. Some basic A/B testing. Seems that the registration is working compared to without registration.

    Another reason is that my site is more like an social network, which are more often under registration before one can get to the site. (Like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

    Purpose of AnalysisConnections (currently at: is to share views and discussions on market research, web analytics, market- and competitor analysis, user experience research and data mining and to network with other experts within these fields.

    It started as a expert group on LinkedIn half a year ago and from that it has rapidly growth up to +1200 analysis experts members globally in LinkedIn.

    I thought it could be nice to offer a website for the members to network with eachothers and to share views and thoughts on different analysis experts areas. You’re welcomed to join the AnalysisConnections network!

    AnalysisConnections v. 2.0 platform release should come within one month from now, offering more features.


  3. Just using the ning platform. allthough currently I’m looking some open share social networking platforms. Thinking of enchancing the network and for version 2.0 of AnalysisConnections iI’m thinking of to go live with an open share social network platform.

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