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The eMarketing + Commerce magazine interviewed me recently on the subject of multichannel marketing metrics. There is just a growing interest in this stuff!

Time to look over the fence and get a more complete picture of marketing results. Web analysts have no excuse for ignoring offline conversions resulting after online activity. Direct marketers have no excuse not to tap into all the rich behavioral data in their web analytics data marts. And brand marketers’ worlds are changing into a combination of online + direct marketing as ad dollars are beginning to migrate online by the billions.

Multichannel metrics and methods are becoming a key skill, not to be neglected any further.

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  1. I read the interview, could not agree more!

    Your book on multichannel marketing metrics is also very good inteed! Very good practical and useful tips.

    Multichannel marketing metrics is becoming more and more important nowadays. People do not live in “one channel world” no more. They most certainly use different channels and combination of channels when making decisions on buying process.

    Having said that, there is different online and offline channels, but also different variables which affects on one’s buying behaviour. For example weather.

    So question; how would one go to measure what impact the weather has on multichannel marketing campaign?

    If one advertises t-shirts, for example in tv, newspaper and online and the day the ad comes out, what if it is a: a) a rainy day b) sunshine, hot summer day? Then how much the weather condition would have impact on t-shirts daily sales on the different channels used in campaign on these different weather conditions?

  2. Thank you much Jim and Tomi! This is a topic near and dear to all our hearts. So good for all of us, I hope.

    Hey, great question Tomi! First of all before answering let me recount a recent presentation by the great Marketing measurement guru, Pat La Pointe. He is the author of Marketing by the Dashboard light. During his presentation at emetrics in S.F. he had two slides that I remember particularly well.

    He said that most clients coming to him have an expectation that marketing measurement/optimization is akin to flighing a jet airplane. That is, marketers can measure and tweak the smallest dials to achieve precice manouvers. But he said in actuality, marketing is more like the deck of the historic Queen Elizabeth (or maybe Titanic?). Meaning that you tend to have some big levelers. And even if you do “All forward” or “All backward” it takes a long time to take an effect.

    Brilliant I thought! More importantly, I am one of those that may be too much in the Concorde flight deck camp. 😎

    Now to your question. Check out the chapter on Marketing Mix Modeling (in chap #5). Those guys are creating models of how all sorts of things affects advertising success including: weather, seasons, price levels, competitor prices, competitor ads, market saturation, etc. etc. They just make weather another time series that is an input into the model.

    At least, that is my understanding.
    Thank you for reading. Please share your feedback and own lessons learned liberally 😎

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