Masters of Multichannel Marketing

What better way to launch a blog on multichannel marketing than by recognizing today’s masters in the field.

Who are the thought leaders?
What are they thinking?

Master of Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing comprises all disciplines in the marketing department:

  • brand AND direct marketers
  • acquisition AND customer marketers
  • online AND offline marketers

Thought leaders on multichannel marketing are therefore found in all corners of the field.

A central observation in my Multichannel Marketing book is that marketers in each of these areas have been facing and solving multichannel challenges for a long time. For instance, Internet marketers integrate websites, email, search, advertising, and many other channels.

Yet, marketers from different disciplines have not been cooperating in the past and have not shared their multiple multichannel methods with each other. In fact, they used to rarely even speak with each other. All the while they are talking about very similar things.

Where is the Rosetta Stone for online, direct, and brand marketers?

 Where is the Rosetta Stone for online, direct, and brand marketers?

I bet that if we took the blogrolls from 500 marketers’ blogs and drew a network map of the connections between these blogs, we would see a lot of links between blogs from marketers within each discipline. But we will probably see much fewer links between blogs from marketers from different disciplines, i.e. online, direct, and brand.

That is chunnel vision (single channel tunnel vision). It must go.

Allow me to pay homage in coming posts to the master minds who have left chunnel vision behind. For example the following:

I am heavily indebted to these folks and look forward to sharing my favorite quotes from their work.

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